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Little Caesars

Accelerating speed and value

Safeguarding over 60 years of success by transforming traditional pizza chain Little Caesars into a digitally-first organization.

Accelerating speed and value
Accelerating speed and value


Meeting the need for digital engagement

With superb customer loyalty, formidable footprint and an extremely affordable product, Little Caesars could be considered to be sitting pretty. But that’s the problem. With competitors driving public expectation for digital engagement and ordering, Little Caesars knew it had to move with the times. We’re the strategic partner evolving the company into a digitally-first organization.


Serving up superior in-store experiences

Elevating in-store operations, we improved inventory predictability, shortened make times and enabled cleaner order slotting. We also reduced store employee learning curves. And strengthened retention rates. Product planning expertise. State-of-the-art, cloud-based, globally-integrated kitchen displays. Point of sale. Predictive analytics engine. Whatever it took, we made it happen.

Our input included:

  • Research, strategy and omnichannel planning
  • API/services platform re-architecturing
  • Cloud migration between service providers
  • Data management strategy
  • Loyalty platform selection
  • Web and application development

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Reimagining everything

To build a completely new store management system from the ground up, we needed to understand operations at the ground floor. We worked alongside employees. We got hands-on experience of the tools they need to do their job. We witnessed how they interact with customers. Then we reimagined the entire store system. Speed. Scalability. Ease of use. Transparency. Our solutions equip Little Caesars with everything they need to thrive in demanding times.

We utilized a variety of our skill sets:

This approach encompassed some of our key focus areas and solutions:

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