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St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Navigating compassionate care

Easing the burden by taking patient experiences at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from paper to pixel.

Navigating compassionate care
Navigating compassionate care


Creating a digital experience as personalized as St. Jude’s care

Childhood cancers are rare, complex diseases that can develop at any time. Discovering that your child has cancer is devastating. St. Jude aims to bring hope back to parents and patients, advancing cures through research and treatment.

We were tasked with delivering technology that helps St. Jude better prepare families for what they’re going through. Reduce their stress. Nurture a feeling of belonging by making their visits to St. Jude intuitively easy. One less thing to worry about. We wanted patient families to be able to focus only on what matters – getting their child the medical attention needed.

“We believe that technology can either further complicate things or it can be the single thing that provides reliability and delight. We choose the latter.”

– James R. Downing, MD, President and CEO, St. Jude


Delivering care journey access from anywhere

Our mobile app solution digitizes a number of analog processes. It streamlines the coordination of logistics across multiple areas, including travel, housing and clinic scheduling. Patient families can easily manage their daily schedules and care team. They have quick access to important information and step-by-step directions to any point on campus.

We also incorporated St. Jude’s vast library of important information into the app, enabling content to be displayed in a purposeful, targeted and helpful manner.

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Fusing a diverse range of skill sets

We began by creating personas, including empathy maps, mindset maps, technographics and journey mapping. Having established the digital strategy, we then built the mobile app, allowing for possible additional digital opportunities such as AppleTV and iPad initiatives.

This approach utilized a variety of our skill sets:

  • Strategic planning
  • Research and insights
  • Design
  • Development and integration
  • Environment transformation
  • Digital experience modernization
  • Personalization

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