Higher education

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Higher education

Recruitment and retention rates only tell part of the story.

From K-12 through all tiers of higher education, meaningful human connections have always been at the heart of elevated educational experiences.True student success requires personalized and efficient interactions between students, their instructors, support staff, and all the institution’s communities.


WWT is working alongside campus networks, school districts and libraries across the U.S.

to develop innovative digital solutions that help our education customers achieve their goals.Even if resources are stretched thin, our strategiesmeet the needs of the institution while ensuring student and faculty support.

  • Student, faculty and staff journey maps & experience design
  • Digital landscape inventory & ecosystem strategy
  • Student information System integration 
  • Visual experience optimization
  • Security Transformation
  • Architecture maturation that supports student needs & expectations
  • Enterprise platform integration
  • Online program management & digital courseware
  • Flex Campus consulting
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