Patient experience

Patient Experiences

Patient experience

Go beyond expectations

Patients now expect consumer-grade digital experiences from their healthcare providers. For accessibility. For communication. Even for the management of their longer-term care plan. As consumer expectations evolve, the demand rises for value-based, proactive healthcare providers. Keeping patients healthy requires a coordinated care model featuring more personalized care, patient activation and engagement frictionless experiences across every patient access point.


Strengthening patient accessibility, personalization and activation

By leveraging intelligent technology, healthcare providers are empowered to offer improved, omni-channel care models that increase access to data to personalize the patient experience for higher satisfaction scores and evolve workflows for efficient care delivery, resulting in decreased costs and increased quality.

  • Patient accessibility and telemedicine
  • Patient activation and engagement strategies
  • Patient/family/workforce friction mapping
  • Patient portal improvements (payment, communication across web, mobile)
  • In-clinic mobile or kiosk intake
  • Internal/external wayfinding & digital signage
  • Clinician & employee productivity applications
  • Chronic care management
  • In-patient room of the future
  • Data strategy and integration of silos

Discover how we helped St Jude’s patients get personalized care journey access from anywhere

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